Helping a Company Provide Multilingual Support in the Hospitality Industry

Blog Client Profile: Industry: HospitalityLocation: Zug, SwitzerlandSize: 51–200 employee Company Bio The client is a Swiss company operating in the luxury hospitality industry. They are 100% virtua...

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call centre
You’re Sure to Hit a Home Run With These Customer Support Tips

When we look at the current state of the marketplace, more and more companies are putting an emphasis on customer support. The reason for this is because of the many benefits high levels of customer s...

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Tech Support Outsourcing Myths You Should Watch Out For

Given the rising costs of hiring in-house tech support agents, more and more companies are turning to outsource to fill the needed positions. However, given the rise in popularity, there are a lot of ...

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Go Above and Beyond Your Sales Goals

Sales professionals are always looking to hit their sales targets for the month, quarter, and year overall and are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways how to work smarter to reach these...

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Improving the Efficiency of an IT Recruiting Company

Improving the Efficiency of an IT Recruiting Company Client Profile: Industry: IT RecruitingLocation: SwedenSize: 11-50 Company Bio The client sources IT candidates for their customers and helps its c...

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Customer Support Quality Service
The Quality of Your Customer Service Impacts More Than Just Those Who Experience It

When building a successful business, everything screams for attention. Within that flood, why prioritize customer service? In short, happy customers lead to more money, growth, and sustainability. Whi...

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The Business Benefits of Offering Multilingual Support

A company’s entry into the international arena opens up new opportunities for promoting the brand and increasing profits by attracting foreign customers. Most well-known and successful companies hav...

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Everything You Need to Know About Tech Support Outsourcing

Technical support is an important part of any company. Its main goal is to help customers who are dealing with technical challenges, while also helping maintain the company's reputation as a consumer-...

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