The Value of Offering Top Quality Customer Support for E-commerce Businesses

The quality of service is becoming an increasingly important criterion for choosing a particular company by customers. At the same time, the phenomenon of social networks has taught them that any comm...

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Outsource These Tasks When First Starting Out

Starting a new business is exciting, but a lot of times, it seems like there are a lot of things to do and not enough people to do them. Because of this, your employees need to take on more responsibi...

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Have There Been Any Recent Changes in Customer Support Practices?

Customer support is a very dynamic field and undergoes changes all the time and there have certainly been some noticeable changes over the past couple of years. One of the biggest reasons for this is ...

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Doubling Investments in ICOs in 3 Months

Doubling Investments in ICOs in 3 Month Client Profile: Industry: Public RelationsLocation: London, UKSize: 11-50 employee Company Bio Our client is an active PR agency that specializes in the blockch...

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Quality Customer Support Can Generate More Revenue Than Upselling

Existing customers are not valued because of the revenue they currently bring in but also for any purchases they make in the future. The value of a customer over the course of their lifetime can help ...

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This Interesting Customer Support Model Can Help Optimize Your Budget

​Companies across industries are trying to do everything they can to make their money go further. This includes finding some creative solutions to stretch every dollar spent and get more value out o...

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