Outsourcing Sales and Marketing Support

Hiring an in-house sales and marketing team can get expensive pretty quickly. In fact, for a lot of businesses who are just starting out this may be a luxury they can’t afford. Fortunately, you can provide your customers with the sales support they need to make a confident purchase. Also, by offering technical support and sales support you are making life a lot easier for your internal teams since they will have to deal with a lot fewer sales objections from prospective clients.

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Sales & Marketing Support

We have extensive experience in lead generation and various pre-sales activities to help provide your in-house sales team with a solid footing to close more deals. 

For numerous clients in the USA and Europe we found potential clients (Newbiz), and executed up/cross sales with existing clients.

Let us handle the routine tasks in sales & marketing, so you can focus on the strategic aspects. We will support your business growth and will take care of the tasks needed to achieve your revenue targets.

We speak 30+ languages

Omnichannel support (Chat, email, Telephone, Messenger and social media)

365 days a year

Our sales & marketing services can be split into two core activities:

1- Lead Generation

Our agents are real lead generation warriors. We use efficient tools and all available platforms, such as LinkedIn, to find the right target companies/customers and their contacts. This will help you to expand your outreach databases and fill up your sales pipeline.

2- SDR (Sales Development Rep)

We will source the right sales development representatives to execute outreaches, prospecting, and lead qualification. This way you will be only working with qualified leads. Our SDRs will schedule meetings, video calls, demos, consulting sessions, and just plain sales calls.

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