Content Moderation (Social Media)

Not everything customers post on your website or social media pages are fit to print. There could be profanity, threats, abusive language, and many other prohibited speech. However, it would be too time-consuming to read all of the comments and posts yourself. This is why you should hire our content moderation services to do this for you.

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User-generated content moderation

To provide safer environments for users, platforms should leverage automated content moderation to identify bad behavior in real-time. Learn more with

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Omnichannel support (Chat, email, Telephone, Messenger and social media)

365 days a year

A constructive direction

As a marketing rule, bad experiences are shared with a minimum of 7 other people. Good experiences are rarely shared online. In addition to tracking postings and comments, our agents can monitor and moderate online discussions and steer these discussions in a constructive direction.

Receive regular reports

You will receive not only regular reports on content moderated, but also clear insights into what the public and your customers think about you, your products, your services and your staff. We do all of this for you so you will be able to improve your company’s image and reputation.

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