How we work

PEXLY is a trusted outsourcing partner for start-ups, SMEs, and larger organizations.

Since our founding in 2015, we empower companies all over the world by providing

cost-efficient multilingual omnichannel support with a strong focus on quality.

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Reporting and results delivering

Step 1

Setting Expectations

Before our agents handle their first chat, call or email, together with the client, we are setting the right expectations and parameters for the team. During intake calls with our HR and Operations departments, we will mutually determine: agent requirements and profile, desired Service Levels (SLA), required Key Performance Indicators (KPI), reporting frequency and escalation protocols. All of this is done to sync expectations from the top-down, from the Client to the Agent.

Step 2


After determining the specifics of the program, we create an agent profile. Based on the hard and soft skills needed, we will source the right agents, with the right skills, in the right geography. Pexly has a pool of internal resources which we developed over the years, plus we work with global and local digital job fairs, recruitment platforms and recruiting agencies.

All agents go through an online selection process and a face-to-face (video) interview with our recruiters and project manager.

Step 3


Our motto is: Hire on attitude, Train on skills!

Our training department developed several soft skills training modules, such as work ethics, empathy, dealing with stressful situations, and the escalation process. Together with the client’s input, we will also create hard skills training modules, covering in-depth company and product details, the CRM tools to be used, deliverables, SLAs and KPIs.

During the job, Pexly regularly organizes quizzes with the agents. This is to make sure that the agents stay ‘sharp’, refresh their program knowledge, and,if needed, re-train their soft and hard skills.

Step 4


In the first 3 months of contact handling, the team lead, project management, trainer, and quality control manager will work in close connection with you. We will check in on agents and adjust our internal processes to perform in good quality.

The project manager together with you will agree on all the necessary reports and schedule weekly/ monthly meetings to improve our services.

The Team Leader will be following our internal process of onboarding for the newcomers and making sure they have all the necessary tools to perform the best quality.

The trainer will be present during the training and create additional handouts and FAQs for our agents.

Quality Control Manager will evaluate first chats/ emails/ calls and conduct coaching sessions with the agents.

Step 5

Quality Assurance (QA)

Together with the client we determine the Quality Assurance (QA) specifics. We create a quality scorecard, we determine critical and non-critical errors, and the desired reporting frequency. The quality team goes hand-in-hand with the training department, so that we can identify the sources of lower quality scores or negative trends and can remedy them right away.

Together with the client we will determine the desired measurement, the most common ones being:

  • ASA       – Average Speed of Answer.
  • FCR       – First Contact Resolution.
  • AHT      – Average Handling Time.
  • NPS       – Net Promoter Score.
  • CSAT    – Customer Satisfaction Score.
  • CES       – Customer Effort Score.

We set frequent calibration sessions with the client, to make sure that all expectations are in sync and quality is assured in a mutual objective manner.

Step 6


Pexly reporting is 100% customized to the client’s needs.

We analyze metrics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can determine for yourself the most convenient format for receiving data – a table, a presentation, also, we can conduct calls and calibrating sessions, to be on the same page.

We can provide you with the information of volumes and main KPIs on a daily basis. Additionally, we will write our comments for each of them.

Thanks to the tracking tool, we can control the working hours of our agents, their productivity, login and logout time, as well as the pages on the websites that they visit.

For more complex reporting, such as the forecast of the volumes, satisfaction analysis, etc., we will need access to the client’s systems.

We try to keep in touch with all our clients, therefore, in addition to reporting, we are happy to be involved in monthly/quarterly meetings.

Our Customers Say

Operating Globally from the Main Hubs

The Netherlands

With Head Office in the Netherlands we support our clients all over the world in 20+ languages  


Our German agents are in the capital city of Berlin, known as a liberal and inexpensive city with outsourcing talent


We operate in Spain with work-from-home locations nationwide and unlimited outsourcing options


Our Portugal agents are in
Lisbon, with a population of almost 3 million, it’s a popular nearshore location


Our Ukraine office is in Kyiv, with a population of over 3 million it’s a top destination for outsourcing


Our Philippine agents are in Manila, considered the largest and most mature areas for outsourcing support


Operating in Turkey gives us ability to support our clients in various languages upon request and in different time zones


Our agents in Morocco extend our culturally aligned global team who support a number of industries and businesses

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