Outsource Your Customer Care Team

Showing your customers how much you care about their experiences while interacting with your company is one of the most important steps you can take on the road to increased customer satisfaction. This is why customer care is so important because it makes the customers feel valued. We can help you set up an inbound/outbound call center and answer inquiries via email and social media to help you improve your communication with customers.

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Best Thinkable Customer Experience

Providing the best thinkable customer experience means being there for your customers whenever they need you. Not just during business hours. Therefore, you need to offer a wide variety of communication channels (Chat, E-mail, Phone, Messenger, and Social Media) and additional services like 24/7 and multilingual support. Trust us to take care of all of this for you and help take your customer satisfaction to new heights.

We speak 30+ languages

Omnichannel support (Chat, email, Telephone, Messenger and social media)

365 days a year

We are Taking Care of Your Customers

Our well-trained multilingual agents facilitate the relationship between companies and their clients. We are able to answer any type of questions, and address all concerns of your customers. Our main goal is to instantly resolve questions or problems that customers may have (FCR – First Contact Resolution). In some cases advanced issues can be escalated to the in-house customer support team.


Every customer is unique, and will expect something (slightly) different from another customer and have their own preferences as to how they want to communicate with a brand. Therefore, here at Pexly, we believe in our professional agents offering a personal touch, working within an agreed upon framework and guidelines, rather than having them read from a predefined script.


Pexly puts a lot of emphasis on Training and Quality Assurance (QA) to guarantee that each and every unique customer is getting their personal support. By doing so we create happy customers, so they become loyal customers, guaranteeing for you repeat orders.

    Pexly Customer Support works with all existing tools

    Not sure how much Customer Care Support will cost you?

    Just hit the button to get your personalized offer

    Operating Globally from the Main Hubs

    The Netherlands

    With Head Office in the Netherlands we support our clients all over the world in 20+ languages  


    Our German agents are in the capital city of Berlin, known as a liberal and inexpensive city with outsourcing talent


    We operate in Spain with work-from-home locations nationwide and unlimited outsourcing options


    Our Portugal agents are in
    Lisbon, with a population of almost 3 million, it’s a popular nearshore location


    Our Ukraine office is in Kyiv, with a population of over 3 million it’s a top destination for outsourcing


    Our Philippine agents are in Manila, considered the largest and most mature areas for outsourcing support


    Operating in Turkey gives us ability to support our clients in various languages upon request and in different time zones


    Our agents in Morocco extend our culturally aligned global team who support a number of industries and businesses

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