Customer Support AI Chatbot paired with Human Empathy

Enhance your Customer Support with an AI chatbot that will deliver your expected results at a fraction of the cost

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Reduce cost


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CSAT for Messaging

Benefits of using AI chatbot for your Customer Service

Boost your Efficiency and reduce costs

24/7 – AI chatbot Support that never sleeps

Deliver consistent high-quality experience using AI-chatbots. Provide instant replies, answers FAQ questions on the go.

Enhanced agent efficiency and productivity

Empower agents with AI-powered tools and knowledge bases to boost their efficiency and productivity levels.

Reduce costs in customer support operations

Drive down costs by optimizing customer support processes and leveraging AI to handle routine inquiries.

Improved customer satisfaction

Quick, accurate, and personalized responses contribute to higher customer satisfaction levels, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

AI automated Omnichannel Solution

Across multiple channels and numerous languages via integration of a customized AI chatbot


Social Media

Live chat


How we Setup the Process with AI-powered Solutions

AI paired with human supervision enables consistent support while providing a unified view of customer history and preferences. Straightforward chatbot integration,

no coding necessary.

We train the bot on the bases

of your framework.

AI has revolutionized customer support, improving both its quality and speed. With advanced chatbots and AI analytics, we can swiftly address inquiries, provide personalized experiences, and anticipate customer needs, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and efficiency.


Olga Rotanenko, Commercial Director at Pexly

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