User&Technical Support Outsourcing

Experiencing technical issues is one of the most frustrating issues customers face. The only thing that could be worse is contacting the company for help and being placed on hold. When you outsource technical support to us, you are offering your customers a smooth experience of using your product and reinforcing the fact that you stand by your customers and will help them resolve any issues they are experiencing.

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Tech Support & Help Desk

Let’s face it. Your in-house IT department is pretty busy. They have to deal with ensuring stability, offering new releases, fixing critical issues, and many other things. They don’t have time to answer basic technical questions from customers. This is why you should outsource such technical support tasks to us since we can take this burden off your IT department while providing your customers with professional technical support.

We speak 30+ languages

Omnichannel support (Chat, email, Telephone, Messenger and social media)

365 days a year

Tier 1 Service support agents

We provide 24/7 expert product and service support agents for even the most complex and difficult tickets. Technical computer skills are very advanced in Ukraine. Over the last decades, the country became a leader in the IT development industry. From education to day-to-day life, many Ukrainians have deep knowledge and interest in technical matters. Our specialists will become an eminent part of your support team and together we will define clear guidelines for Tier 1 ticket solving and for escalation to your in-house specialists if needed.

T2 and T3 technical support

We also provide comprehensive 24/7 T2 and T3 technical support, tailored to your unique needs. Our experienced remote technical support specialists work with companies of all sizes, and from various industries worldwide. We will embed our specialist in your ticketing system, or we can set up a brand new ticketing system with you. Together we will determine the required Service Levels (SLA) and clear guidelines for escalation to your in-house specialists if needed.

Pexly Customer support works with all existing tools