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Why Pexly?

We are an experienced company with a long track record in BPO and Customer Service outsourcing. Both the founders and the management team have long-standing experience in building and operating international outsourced contact centers.

Together we were able to combine this knowledge and worldwide best practices to create an expert multilingual omnichannel organization, which perfectly understands your needs. We are driven by Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), First Contact Resolution (FCR), Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

We are an international organization with staff, partners and remote workers from all over the world: Europe, USA, Asia, the Americas. We clearly understand the different cultural aspects of our business, and  we are also able to find  the best solution for you: the right agents, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right cost.

Whether you need one outstaffed agent, fully managed by yourself, or you want a turn key solution to fully outsource your customer service activities, Pexly is able to create a customized solution for each request. Our CEO and Head of Operations are hands-on involved in assuring the best thinkable services. Looking forward to seeing you during our Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR).

Pexly team


All Pexly team members have a solid background in the outsourcing industry. They joined from renown global and local outsourcing industry leaders, or grew within our organization from 2015. Each and every one of our team members have specific knowledge and skills, which we combined to create a team willing to go beyond your expectations.

Bart - Managing Partner

Bart Kuyper is co-founder and managing partner of PEXLY. He has over 20 years of experience in running and managing Contact Centers (including Teleperformance), BPO, and IT outsourcing

Michel Director

Michel Mertens is a hands-on executive with a large experience in the CX industry. Originally from The Netherlands, he moved to Eastern Europe and built a contact center from scratch. Michel headed Teleperformance Russia & Ukraine for 15 years before joining PEXLY. Michel has a healthy ‘fetish’ for excellent customer support and giving clients in-depth knowledge with each and every interaction we handle.

Olga BizDev Director

Self-driven & people-oriented leader from the BPO world. Over 7 years of experience in building and managing outsourced teams from 1 to 1k agents to companies worldwide. Can deeply analyze and understand client’s business to satisfy its needs. Connect to Olga’s wide network to learn more or expand your team with a highly professional outstaffed team.

Jeroen - Managing Partner
Jeroen Rijnen is PEXLY co-founder and managing partner. 
He has gained extensive experience in outsourcing and management over the past 25 years. 
As one of the Daxx.com founders Running different outsourcing centers and serving clients all around the globe.  

Vita - Head of Marketing

Vitaliia is a seasoned marketing professional with an extensive background in outsourcing and telecommunications industries.

She’s a commercially minded problem solver who seeks the most efficient way to achieve the optimum results for the business, whilst ensuring a customer-centric viewpoint.

Juliia - Head Of Operations

Julia has experience in customer support since 2014. She worked in such positions as Agent, Trainer, Team Leader, Project Manager. In May 2021 she was promoted to the Head of BPO & Customer Support position. The experience gained in different positions helps to analyze the success of the project launch. And to adjust the actions at each stage. Believes that quality service begins with an open and honest relationship between a client and a customer.

Alex HR Director

Alexey has been working in the outsourcing industry since 2004, including project management at Teleperformance. He has a large experience in Operational and Human Resource management. Alexey has built contact centers from scratch in Eastern Europe and developed them into efficient sales and service machines. Also, for over a 10 years period, he led a large sales team. Aleksei is a motivator and loves to develop Human capital.

Andrew - Business Developer

Andrew is a citizen of the world – born in Ukraine, raised in the USA, and spent most of his adult life in Europe. As his professional career has taken him all over the globe, it has given him the uncanny ability to be a “chameleon” and to always, put others first.

Michael - Project Manager

Michael is the Operation Support and Project Manager at Pexly. He is an experienced manager with more than 6 years of working in outsourcing. Worked as PM on a couple of big projects with more than 100 FTE as well as on small startups so he could help find an efficient solution for any kind of business. Michael is the certified SCRUM Master and Agile facilitator so you can be sure that with his methodology and approach your business will only gain benefits.

Alice - Project Manager

Alisa is our Account Manager for Customer Support and Back-office projects. Responsible and focused, she is always ready to step in and work on the project, embracing the challenge, all the while creating a nice and engaging atmosphere for all participants. Having worked as a German teacher in the past, she has a long-established passion for organizing and creating clear structure, effective communication, and helping others find a solution for their issues.

Anastasiia - Account Manager

Anastasiia is in charge of Sales & Marketing as well as Back-office Projects at Pexly. She has  a Master’s degree in International Marketing. Over the last 6 years she has worked as a PPC ads and SMM manager, a Business Development representative and an Email marketing manager. Now she is launching new projects, finding and preparing perfect assistants, and improving their performance and existing processes. Her main goal on the projects is to stay both goal- and people-oriented.

Ziong - Head of Recruitment

Ziong is a Senior Recruiter in Pexly. She is Vietnamese and was born in Ukraine. Ziong has a Master’s in Human Resources and has experience in customer support and healthcare industry. She enjoys exploring people and their personalities.

Andrii - Team Lead

Andrii is an experienced Team Lead. Working almost 5 years in this field, he developed extensive lead generation skills and introduced the best possible ways to find a lead. His higher education in a pedagogical field is helping him in managing and supervising lead generation teams. If you are reading this, we probably know your email 🙂

Maria - Trainer & QA Manager

Maria Rinallo was born in Italy and raised in Sicily by her Italian father and Thai mother. She majored in Oriental Languages in Venice and finished her studies in Beijing, where she was able to hone her language skills. She currently resides in Cascais, Portugal. Because of her studies and international travels, she became interested in the field of customer service, where she was able to develop her skills.

Alex - Project Manager

Oleksandr is a high-level technical professional with extensive experience in technical customer support from Level 0 – Level 3. He honed his skills during his work as a Network Engineer in the biggest ISP in Ukraine and as an IT Manager in different companies. Oleksandr has brilliant knowledge of IT, Telecommunication, Networking and Cybersecurity, so every challenge involving starting a new project is always with deep learning and analysis. Oleksandr started as a simple project coordinator in the beginning, but now he covers all technical projects and works directly with customers in all phases of launching, implementing and service delivery.

Halyna - Trainer & QA Specialist

Halyna is our Trainer and Quality Assurance Specialist. She has experience in customer support in a lot of international projects oriented on the different markets. Being a responsible, initiative and communicative person, she always creates the unique training content and builds up the quality assessment system in a very effective way. MBA degree from Spanish University helps her to identify business needs, apply leadership skills in her everyday routine and create a friendly environment in teams with people from different countries.

Lamine Team Lead

Lamine works at Pexly as a Team Leader for customer support projects. He is constantly sharing all of his professional experiences with the best emotions, creating a symphony of enthusiasm within the team to strive for the best performance and quality. At Pexly, he values the most the possibility to work without any limitation to a specific location and being synced with the team all around the globe.

Yevgeniia Outreach Manager

Yevgenia is a team player with strong analytical skills. She specialized in email marketing for b2b companies. She worked with Fintech, It outsourcing and SaaS for business. She is sure that email is one of the most important branches of marketing.

Kate SDR

Kateryna is a Sales Development Representative with email outreach experience in the US and EU markets. Having higher education in International Marketing, she is aware of the marketing basis, a fast learner and always eager to gain new skills.

Yana HR specialist


Operating Globally from the Main Hubs

The Netherlands

With Head Office in the Netherlands we support our clients all over the world in 20+ languages  


Our German agents are in the capital city of Berlin, known as a liberal and inexpensive city with outsourcing talent


We operate in Spain with work-from-home locations nationwide and unlimited outsourcing options


Our Portugal agents are in
Lisbon, with a population of almost 3 million, it’s a popular nearshore location


Our Ukraine office is in Kyiv, with a population of over 3 million it’s a top destination for outsourcing


Our Philippine agents are in Manila, considered the largest and most mature areas for outsourcing support


Operating in Turkey gives us ability to support our clients in various languages upon request and in different time zones


Our agents in Morocco extend our culturally aligned global team who support a number of industries and businesses