BPO Services

We take care of your essential business tasks, so you can free up time and
focus on the core aspects to grow your business.
In the meantime we save you costs due to our efficient operating models.

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Taking care of your essential business tasks

Back Office Services

Most companies have back-office tasks which are not always noticeable but are an eminent part for the business to run smoothly. We are able to source for you excellent multilingual back office agents who will take this burden off your shoulders.


Data Entry & Cleaning

Manually inputting data into the system is a very time consuming and tedious task. Hiring somebody in your local market for such tasks will probably not make sense from a cost perspective. Pexly can take care of these tasks….


Order management

Each and every customer is unique and probably standard orders are not a rule in your company. Delivery delays, size not available, COD, a particular color is out of stock, all of these moments require interactions with the customer.


Content Moderation

Not all of the content posted by users on social media and company pages is suitable for the general public. And there are so many platforms today. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn just to name the most popular.

Other back-end support

Did you not find the services you need? Do you have specific back-end needs? Please leave your name and contact details and we will get back to you for an intake call. Whatever your request is, we are certain that we can source….

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