Building a Customer Service Team for a Global Beauty Brand

Client Profile:

INDUSTRY: E-Commerce, online beauty brand

HQ: New York, US; with branches in the UK, Germany, Australia

Company Bio:
Our client is a tech-driven prestige beauty brand. They are building the future of beauty by using unparalleled technology to connect people online worldwide with superior beauty products.


Pexly provides a dedicated remote team that supports thousands of customers over Social Media.


Our team of dedicated agents was engaged to support  different social media platforms of the client (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok by providing excellent customer service to users from all over the world. On Facebook and Instagram, customers contact us in several different ways. They write comments on our ads, they send us DMs, they write comments on our grid/feed posts, and they tag us in their own posts. 

Required level of English – Fluent, to communicate freely with native speakers, to understand slang and modern colloquial expressions.

Agents profile – young, modern, with an understanding of American culture and current social trends. Someone who is able to stay on the same page with young customers, be friendly and easy-going but, at the same time, professional and able to de-escalate any complaints. We understand that it is very important to know in which scenarios it is appropriate to use the brand voice vs. times when a more formal voice should be used. At the same time, we remember that the customers want to talk with real people on social media so we make sure to sound human as opposed to  robotic.

All of the selected agents were smart and fast learners who not only were able to quickly dive into the product specifics and learn the company’s policies, but also acquired and later on transmitted correctly the brand voice. We love to use emojis and hashtags (from the approved by the client list)  as long as they aren’t overdone.

Our agents show discretion with uncompromised attention to detail at all times, and the client relies on them in making a decision  to either delete or hide a negative comment or reply publicly and try to win the customer over. (Agents delete controversial, racial, offensive, and super negative comments. Agents hide all comments that could make the client look bad in the public eye. However, they always reply to general complaints with as much help as possible.


We recruited agents with Fluent English from around the world, who had at least 2 years of experience in supporting social media and expressed passion when talking about the beauty products and the client’s brand. As part of the hiring process, we conducted a set of tests in order to make certain that these agents were ready to handle the challenges ahead. 

We also absorbed the needed knowledge from the client’s representative; trained the team ourselves and now monitor the attendance and performance of the agents on an hourly basis, hold regular team meetings with the agents and the client’s representative, provide extra training and mentorship – all of this to ensure the success of the project, and happy customers.


Pexly assembled a dedicated Customer Service Team of 10 agents + A Project Manager, Team Lead, and Trainer

The team keeps the client’s public facing posts and ads clean.

We make our customers feel always right, happy, and supported.

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