How to Write a Call Center Script and Ace It


Every business needs to have a customer service strategy, especially if you’re in the retail or e-commerce industries. Your agents will be busy not only speaking with customers but also making adjustments to orders and handling any issues they may have. To help their agents be more prepared for various cases, many companies create a customer service script. They help guide agents through all the possible encounters they might have. 


What is a Customer Service Call Script? 

A customer service phone script is a written prompt that your agents use to confirm and resolve questions from customers. They can be used across various communication channels: phone, chat, email, and many others. Such scripts have two fundamental benefits. 

First, they give your agents the support they need to get through tough calls. Also, they can help you train new team members. In the next section, we will look at more benefits of a customer support script. 


What are the Benefits of Having a Customer Service Script? 

Recent studies from Gartner show that the customer experience is the new battlefront in the world of marketing. We can define it as the way your clients perceive the way your company treats them. If done right, the customer experience can pay off big time with things like brand loyalty and a positive reputation. 

The opposite is also true. A negative experience will cause you to lose customers. They will spread the word about their negative experiences to their friends. Research shows that customer experience has replaced both process and product as the key to attracting and keeping business in 2021

Therefore, instead of simply hoping your agents provide your customers with great experiences, better be proactive and help them have smoother conversations. The benefits of such an approach include: 


Less training time

When you hand new team members prepared scripts, you are helping them hit the ground running instead of spending additional time training them. 

Fewer errors

Speaking with annoyed and irritated customers can be difficult. A customer service call center script can provide operators with step-by-step responses to common inquiries in a simple format.

Accessible information

Customer service scripts can act as a one-stop-shop for the correct information to give the customer. This also allows agents to deliver outstanding support faster since they don’t have to look or ask for additional information. 

Since you will have inbound calls, outbound calls, and complaints, you need to prepare scripts for all of these. 


Creating a Telephone Script for Customer Service

Creating a customer service script template requires more than just the ability to write a few good sentences. Your agents need to have adequate knowledge of the product or service along with insights into handling difficult situations. Therefore, when you are creating your call center script, try implementing the following tips: 

1. Brevity is essential since it avoids wasting peoples’ time

2. Be sure that the agent introduces themselves by name 

3. It is essential to reference the business, services, or products to help your branding efforts

4. If the call is being recorded, inform the customer at the outset


Scripts for Inbound Calls

When a customer contacts your business, they have a primary concern and would like it addressed as soon as possible. Having said this, the entire communication experience needs to be comfortable. Alarm bells need to go off inside the agent’s head if the conversation goes off the rails. 

When creating an inbound call center script template, you must keep the customer’s goals in mind. This means you need to: 

  • Obtain the caller’s contact information for inclusion in a client database, if they are not there already
  • Determine why the person contacted you in the first place and how likely are they to become a customer
  • Choose the right action depending on the conversation
  • Move the conversation forward as quickly and smoothly as acceptable by the caller
  • Ensure the caller is left with a positive impression after the call has ended.


Scripts for Outbound Calls 

While many of the above tips are transferable to outbound calls, there are a few unique considerations a customer service script example should have, such as:

  • Make sure that the script is tailored to fit the necessary scenario. This can be done by studying how the conversation flowed in past outbound calls. 
  • Developing customer service scripting can help the agent manage the conversation regardless of which way it goes. 
  • Personalizing the conversation is important. The business will usually have at least some information about the person they are calling. 
  • Prepare a script that leads to some sort of action. 


Scripts for Complaint Calls

We’ve all heard the expression that the customer is always right. The reason this expression is so popular is that it’s true. Therefore, even when dealing with complaint calls, you need to ensure that your agents don’t tell the customer they are wrong. 

This is one of the reasons why it’s challenging to create good scripts for complaint calls because you cannot know in advance why the customer is upset. Having said this, you prepare by using common themes such as empathy, understanding, reassurance, and many other things. 


Outsourcing Call Centers 

Offshore call centers in outsourcing hubs such as ones in Europe have a long history of allowing businesses to bank significant cost savings while delivering increased efficiencies. The lower cost of living alone means that intelligent organizations can assemble an entire team of people that collectively operate 24/7 for 70% less than staff members working a standard 40-hour week onshore.

Outsourcing companies are experts at building call center teams to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes and creating customer service call script examples for them. Under the leadership of a Contact Center Operations Manager, offshore teams are assembled based on individual needs and can easily scale up or down as business priorities change.


Trust Pexly With All of Your Customer Service Needs 

While there may be many different customer services calls examples, you need an expert service provider that can handle any scenario your customer presents. 

This is why Pexly would be a great choice to help you expand your in-house support team or set up an entirely new dedicated offshore team. Not only can we source and recruit the needed candidates who will meet your requirements, but we will also provide them with the proper training to make sure they hit the ground running. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you! 

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