Improve Data Processing 5X in 6 Months

Client Profile:

Industry: FMCG Cashback
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Size: 51–200 employees

Company Bio

The client is a market leader in the FMCG industry in the Netherlands. They have an application that provides their customers with various coupons and promotions on both iOS and Android devices which offers their customers substantial cost savings.


The client’s application allows their customers to discover all sports of discounts in local shops, bars and restaurants. The app can also be used by the business owner themselves to promote their business by offering discounts. Another benefit to the business owners is that the app offers them all kinds of insights into the behavior and demands of their customers, thus leading to greater business improvements.



The client has to deal with a large volume of receipts that come in through the app. All of this information needs to be processed manually by literally going from one receipt to another and verifying certain information. Since the client did not have such a person on staff, they approached Pexly to help them fill this position.



Pexly designated a Team Lead who would obtain the requirements to the candidate and will be responsible for all of the training and onboarding. This way the new hire will be able to hit the ground running. The Team Lead also provides quality assurance services and verifies that all of the work was done correctly.



  • We managed to assemble a team for the client and scale it to the client’s request from 8 to 110 people
  • The processing speed of the request on the project increased by 540% from the beginning of the project
  • In total, we processed 56,348 checks for the client every day

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