Building a High-Level Customer Service Team for a Global Wellness Brand

Client Profile:


Industry: E-commerce, online wellness brand

HQ: New York, US

Company Bio: Our customer is a luxury wellness brand. They are revolutionizing well-being using state-of-the-art technology to connect people worldwide through online platforms, providing exceptional wellness products.



Pexly formed a skilled and diverse customer service team of 20 agents. They efficiently handle urgent requests, analyze escalations, report bugs, manage payments, investigate fraud, and resolve customer issues, ensuring the client’s stability and security.


ChallengeBuilding a Customer Service Team

Pexly had to build a team of diverse agents who would provide excellent customer service all over the world through email and various social media platforms.

To be a part of this team, good English skills were a must to communicate freely with native speakers and to express the brand’s voice. We had to find agents with the ability to pay close attention to details and in-depth knowledge of a client’s products. 

Furthermore, the client needed team members with experience in Customer Service and different backgrounds such as Social Media Specialists, Fraud Analysts, and Customer Support Specialists.


We’ve brought together capable agents from all over the world who are fluent in English and have at least 2 years of experience in Customer Support and Finance. To ensure they’re well-prepared for the job, we put them through a series of tests during the hiring process. 

We created a team dedicated to providing support through email and social media platforms. We’ve organized our team with diverse roles, such as Social Media Specialists, Fraud Analysts, and Customer Support Specialists, each contributing their unique skills to meet a variety of customer needs. This way, we ensure a comprehensive and efficient approach to addressing challenges and delivering top-notch service.

Agents were assigned to support the first-level cases related to product inquiries, billing concerns, and fraud investigations that necessitate escalation

All team members are adept at keeping information confidential and the client trusts them significantly. They played a crucial role in investigating potential fraud cases, ensuring the stability and security of the business.


Pexly built together a dedicated Customer Service Team with 20 agents, a Project Manager, and a Team Lead.

We’ve established a collaborative workflow with the client, to quickly find and fix any issues, making sure everything runs smoothly.

What Our Team Does:

  • Dealing with Urgent Requests/Tickets on Social Media and Email: Handling escalated tickets from the first-level support team, averaging about ~2000 tickets per day using Zendesk.

  • Analyzing Escalations and Creating Templates: We look into escalations and help create templates for common cases, making our support processes smoother.

  • Reporting Bugs and System Issues: Reporting bugs and system malfunctions, making sure they get fixed quickly.

  • Processing Refunds: We confirm refund requests, send refund receipts, and explain any charges that may appear on some occasions.

  • Investigating Fraud: Keeping an eye on unauthorized transactions in clients’ bank accounts and reporting any suspicious activities that could put the financial institution and clients at risk.

  • Managing Payments: We decide on approving or denying payments and ensure on-hold orders are released.

  • Resolving Customer Issues: Actively working on resolving customer problems, fixing bad experiences, and keeping positive relationships with our customers.

  • Applying Product Knowledge: Continually learning and using product knowledge to suggest, obtain, or sell items based on understanding our customers’ needs.

  • Handling Administrative Tasks: We assist with various administrative duties, offering support to the client whenever needed.

  • Welcoming New Agents: Actively taking part in onboarding new agents, helping in their training. Our project manager often gives guidance and support, and new agents get to shadow her while she handles tickets, making sure they smoothly transition into their roles.

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