B2B Customer Satisfaction

If you are in the B2B sector, providing top-quality customer service is one of the most important things you can do. Not only does it improve customer retention and acquisition efforts, but it also allows you to stand out from the competition. This is becoming more and more important each year as the playing field becomes more crowded. Since we already know what a B2B customer is, let’s take a look at how to keep your customers satisfied.

Table of contents:

1. What is B2B Customer Satisfaction?

2. Why is Customer Satisfaction in B2B So Important? 

3. How to Elevate Your B2B Customer Satisfaction

4. How to Control CSAT Metrics of Your Outsourcing Partner?

5. Trust Pexly With All of Your Customer Support Needs

What is B2B Customer Satisfaction?

B2B customer satisfaction is an indicator of how well you are meeting your customer’s needs and how happy they are with your performance. Usually, this is measured with the CSAT score. The data you require to calculate your CSAT score can be obtained through B2B customer satisfaction surveys. CSAT surveys usually take the form of single-question surveys that ask a variation of the following question: “How satisfied are you with your experience with us today?”

Once you’ve obtained the responses to your CSAT survey, you can use the following formula to calculate your CSAT score:

How to calculate the CSAT score

Why is Customer Satisfaction in B2B So Important? 

There are many reasons why it is important to consistently maintain a high customer satisfaction rate. Below are some of the most important reasons: 

  • It Shows Whether Your Communication Fits Your Client Base – B2B businesses have a very specific and often complex communication process. If your CSAT score is lower than you would like, then taking another look at your communication is a good place to start.
  • It Shows Bottlenecks in Your Processes – Resolving issues with complex products and services requires cooperation between many different departments. When one of them is not doing their job correctly, this will be evident since you will see bottlenecks.
  • It Shows How You Can Improve Your Service – Providing a high level of customer satisfaction will allow you to spot some issues with communication, bottlenecks, or any other problems, so you take the necessary actions to remove these roadblocks.

How to Elevate Your B2B Customer Satisfaction

Since customer satisfaction in the B2B sector is so important, we are providing you with some practical steps you take right now to raise your customer satisfaction:

  • Manage your in-house team properly – Your customer service team interacts with the client directly, so it’s important that you have enough team members to cover all channels and time zones. 
  • Continuously collect B2B customer feedback – The feedback that you get from your clients lets you know how good of a job you are doing. Make sure to collect this feedback and take action on it as needed. 
  • Track your inner KPI – There are certain KPIs you need to keep track of to make sure you are on your way to a high CSAT score. For example, what is your first call resolution rate (FCR)? What is your net promoter score (NPS)? These are some of the metrics you should be tracking. 
  • Delegate to experts in the outsourcing industry – If you are not getting good feedback from your customers and your CSAT score is not where it needs to be, consider reaching out to a reputable customer service outsourcing company for assistance.
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How to Control CSAT Metrics of Your Outsourcing Partner? 

If you are looking to control the CSAT metrics of your offshore team, a good place to start is the training agents receive. Confirm the agents are being trained well, so they’re confident and knowledgeable in their abilities. You’ll also want to make sure the call center has the proper support and resources for the agents so they’ll have all the necessary tools to do their job effectively. In addition to employee happiness, customer satisfaction can be determined by resolving their issues without using multiple agents. 

A reputable outsourcing company will provide you with a team lead who will always stay up to date on what’s going on inside the team. They will also be responsible for producing reports with various KPIs the team needs to reach and will always keep you up to date on how well the team is progressing towards their goal of a mutually agreed upon CSAT score.

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