Multilingual Customer Support: 5 Reasons Why You Need It

Did you know that 29% of companies have lost business by not offering multilingual customer support? That’s right! In today’s competitive world, multilingual support offers businesses a unique opportunity to cater to diverse market segments and expand their services worldwide. Businesses also require multilingual support to build trust and credibility with customers in their native language.

Benefits of multilingual support include compliance with cultural sensitivity standards and expanding services in a competitive business environment. Pexly offers dedicated multilingual customer service so you can address customer queries in their preferred language. All of this with 24/7 support and cost-effective solutions, so you can stay ahead of the competition!

What Is Multilingual Customer Support?

Multilingual customer support refers to businesses offering customer support services in multiple languages. This enables companies like yours to cater to a diverse range of customers belonging to different regions and speaking multiple languages. Multilingual customer service can act as a differentiator in today’s competitive environment, attracting customers from across the globe.

Imagine your customer grew up in a non-English-speaking country and has limited proficiency in English. They recently ordered a product from your online store and now wish to connect with your customer support to provide feedback. Concerned about the potential barriers to effective communication, they are pleasantly surprised to find a regional representative available to offer customer support in their local language. Incorporating multilingual support can greatly improve customer experiences, building a stronger brand connection and boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

Why Businesses Need Multilingual Customer Service

Refusing to embrace multilingual support in the modern world is similar to turning off a switch that might unlock countless options! Today, multilingual customer support is essential for you to target specific audiences who are not comfortable with English. By offering multilingual customer service, businesses can tap into niche sectors and expand their client base by providing support to customers in their native or preferred language. 

Also, by offering customer support in the preferred language of their clients, you can convey your priority to satisfy customer needs, enhancing loyalty to their brand.

5 Reasons Why You Need Multilingual Customer Service

Did you know that 71.5% of customer service leads agree that multilingual support increases customer satisfaction? Multilingual support is essential for businesses to succeed and thrive today. 

Multilingual customer service offers a superior customer service experience for customers hailing from different backgrounds and regions. It helps it helps you create cross-border trust by signaling their respect and reverence for unique cultures and languages. 

1. Improves Customer Communication

Multilingual customer service greatly improves customer communication as clients get the required support in their language of choice! You can convey your brand values and business propositions more effectively in the customer’s preferred language. 

Customers are also able to explain their pain points more efficiently in their preferred language, allowing for quick redressal. If customers want to convey a certain positive or negative experience to you, multilingual customer support can make them feel heard and respected.

Pro Tip: You can also use local customer feedback to improve your services and enhance your offerings. Tools like SurveyMonkey can be a game-changer in this regard! 

2. Drives Expanded Geographic Reach/Global Market Reach

Did you know more than 350 languages are spoken alone in the USA with more than 7000 languages spoken worldwide? Businesses require well-functioning multilingual call center services to expand their services beyond borders and target new customers effectively. 

Smart companies use multilingual customer support to tap into niche markets to connect with the native population. By understanding multilingual nuances, you can drive global reach by creating localized marketing campaigns targeted at specific segments. Samsung, the South Korean phone giant, was able to expand its market by offering customer support in various languages including English, French, German, and Spanish. 

Pro Tip: As a business, you can invest in localized services to better market your services in a local context.

3. Gives a Competitive Edge

You can use multilingual customer support to gain a competitive edge over your competitors by offering your services in the native language. By embracing multilingual support, you can also highlight your focus on diversity creating a strong brand image

Using multilingual customer support as a unique selling proposition and marketing effectively can translate into higher sales, especially in more private regions. You can also collect data and feedback in the local language, utilizing it to personalize their services and overcome competitors.

4. Cultural Sensitivity/Reduces Language Barriers

According to NewVoiceMedia, 86% of customers prefer businesses with suitable emotional responses with language and culture playing an important role. With most businesses aggressively branding their services as inclusive, multilingual customer support can highlight this in practice. As businesses like yours offer customer support in regional and local languages, it represents a deep respect for the local culture and society

You can also avoid costly public relations (PR) fiascos and being branded culturally insensitive by leveraging multilingual customer support.  At a macro level, it can assist you in reducing language barriers and communicating more effectively in the local language to advertise your offerings.

Example In Point: HSBC spent millions of dollars with a tagline of ‘Assume nothing’. However, it was wrongly translated to ‘Do nothing’ in many countries. This resulted in losses worth millions of dollars for HSBC with a huge PR challenge.

5. Enhances Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

By offering multilingual customer care, you can promote an environment of trust as customers feel heard and respected. Your brand is also seen positively by your clients, building long-term trust in your company’s offerings. 

Once customers feel comfortable with your brand due to easy communication in their preferred language, it can lead to long-term loyalty and even repeat purchases, increasing your revenue. 

So really, it’s a win-win situation!

Moreover, satisfied customers can refer your brand to other speakers of the same language, increasing your customer base through word-of-mouth (and essentially free) marketing.

Pro Tip: You can integrate their services better in a personalized manner by offering supplementary services in the customer’s local language, such as websites and advertising campaigns.

Examples of Businesses Using Multilingual Services

Are you aware that the biggest businesses around the globe use multilingual services to expand their brand worth? While being billion-dollar companies, these businesses understand the importance of offering support to customers in their native language. 

Let’s find out about them in more detail:

  • Amazon: Amazon, the global e-commerce giant offers multilingual customer support. In addition to English, they offer customer support in Spanish, French, German, and Italian. 

  • Airbnb: Airbnb, one of the leading hospitality services, offers customer services in more than 30 languages! This includes Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, and Malay among others.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support to Pexly

By outsourcing multilingual customer support services to Pexly, you can focus on your core offerings, leaving customer support in reliable hands. Pexly is a unique solution that offers a diverse range of customer support services, multilingual customer care, and an AI-powered chatbot paired with human management

With Pexly’s experienced team catering to hundreds of businesses, you can reduce costs and maximize revenue by letting Pexly optimize your customer service experience.

  • Range of customer support services: Pexly offers a diverse range of customer support services, including customer support, sales support, and helpdesk support

  • Exceptional multilingual client support: Pexly’s experienced staff provides dedicated customer support in 30+ languages, which leads to satisfied and happy customers. 

  • Improves business productivity: With customer support outsourced to Pexly, businesses like yours can enhance productivity by focusing on your offerings and tapping into new markets. 

  • Affordable pricing: Pexly offers an affordable solution to cater to diverse business needs, making it a cost-effective option. 

  • 24/7 dedicated support: Be it any time, anywhere in the world, Pexly ensures customer queries are answered with 24/7 availability. 

Pro Tip: Businesses can also request Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance (such as Pexly’s AI  multilingual customer support chat) to optimize their customer support and considerably reduce costs.


There you have it! Now you know the importance of having an integrated multilingual customer service. Multilingual customer support addresses the need to engage with customers in their preferred or native language. To thrive and succeed in today’s commercial environment, multilingual customer support is essential for your business. 

Benefits associated with multilingual customer support include a smooth flow of communication, leading to long-term loyalty and trust. Many customers appreciate the company’s effort to communicate in their preferred language, leading to referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. For your business, local data can help drive reach through specific marketing campaigns aligning with cultural events and holidays.

Pexly offers an all-in-one solution to cater to your multilingual customer support needs. It offers diverse support services and an experienced support team with affordable pricing that can assist you in expanding worldwide. After all, happy customers mean a thriving business!

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