Building Successful Remote Teams for Travel Arrangements Industry

Client Profile:

INDUSTRYTravel Arrangements

HQ: Montreal, Canada

Client Profile: 51–200 employees

Company Bio:
Operating in the travel arrangements industry, the company was inspired by the CEO’s personal travel experiences across South America. It specializes in selling bus tickets and providing comprehensive post-sale support services, setting new standards in accessibility and user-friendliness for inter-city bus travel.


Pexly played a crucial role in transforming a travel company’s operations by successfully assembling a proficient remote team of mapping agents. This significantly improved the accuracy of bus routes and decreased customer queries by 30%, leading to greater operational efficiency and higher customer satisfaction levels.

Travel Arrangements Customer Service


The primary challenge involved building a remote team of agents that were both tech-savvy and geographically knowledgeable. Ensuring seamless communication and smooth operations despite the remote nature of the team posed additional challenges.


To overcome these hurdles, Pexly, an expert in recruitment and team building, was brought in. Pexly recruited agents who were fluent in English, highly computer literate, and possessed necessary soft skills such as problem-solving and adaptability. An experienced team leader was also appointed to provide comprehensive training in key areas, such as mapping bus stop locations.

At present, Pexly’s role extends beyond recruitment; it includes providing continuous support, diligent monitoring, regular maintenance, and troubleshooting to maintain high levels of performance and service continuity.


Thanks to Pexly’s strategic approach, a proficient remote team of mapping agents was successfully assembled. This team has accurately located up to 6000 bus stops, improving the accuracy of bus routes provided to customers. The mapping tasks are divided into categories based on their complexity, and the agents adjust their time investment accordingly. Easy mappings take about a minute, intermediate ones about three minutes, and complex mappings up to five minutes.

The robust mapping process has not only improved service accuracy but also led to a significant decrease of around 30% in customer queries related to bus stop locations and route planning. This has boosted efficiency and customer satisfaction levels, highlighting Pexly’s transformative contribution to the company’s success story.

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