Customer Support Services For Online Marketplace

Client Profile:

INDUSTRY: Online Market place
HQ: Vienna, Austria

Company Bio

Awarding winning mobile-first marketplace inspiring people to give things new purpose. Sell anything, anywhere, any time – to people nationwide


Pexly is providing remote multilingual customer support services to an online marketplace through written communication. In addition, we provide
analytics and help the client modify and optimize their existing scripts.



Since the client operates a very popular online marketplace in German and English-speaking countries they receive a large volume of tickets every day, about
400-500 per agent. These tickets are inquiries from clients that come in via chat and email. In order to deal with such a large volume of tickets, they created some
shortcuts, which were prepared responses for each type of inquiry, but these shortcuts were not properly answering the clients’ inquiries. In order to resolve these issues, the client turned to Pexly for Assistance.



Pexly assembled a team of 12 customer support representatives to answer customer requests via email and chat. Each request is assigned to a specific representative who will be responsible for providing a personalized response. Our sales team also helps the client find new shops to list their items on their
platform. We are also seeking, launching, and supporting new shops through the start period. We have been working on this project since 2019 and we were able to rize the first call resolution (FCR) rate and the CSAT as well.





  • Pexly assembled a team of 12 customer support representatives
  • 400-500 tickets per agent serviced daily
  • Increased the CSAT from 64% to 80%
  • Tool: Zendesk

What They’re Saying about PEXLY:

Pexly has been able to dramatically raise the company’s customer satisfaction to 80%, which is above 5% of the benchmark. We have also been impressed with their rapid learning abilities, which allow them to provide high-caliber services. They’re responsive, flexible, supportive, and helpful.

Pawel Dziadzia – Head of Operations, Shpock Austria.

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