Doubling Investments in ICOs in 3 Months

Client Profile:

Industry: Public Relations
Location: London, UK
Size: 11-50 employees

Company Bio

Our client is an active PR agency that specializes in the blockchain and crypto industries. They provide comprehensive services that encompass SEO, SMM, Reputation Management, and Events.


One of our client’s main goals is to convey the value of an ICO to their audience. This is particularly challenging since investors simply do a Google search of the ICO and base their decision on whether or not to invest in the first ten search results. The breakdown of the data is as follows: 

  • Even a single negative review on the first page can be the difference between investing or not
  • If an inverse cannot find an ICO on social media, they are less likely to invest. — 50% of potential investment decisions are lost because the lead cannot find the information they’re looking for.
  • 41% of ICOs that experience a negative reputation event admit to losing ICO value & less interest from leads.


Since both reputation and social and SMM management is of critical importance, the client needs to keep a vigilant eye on how their clients’ ICO is portrayed online. Since they did not have the needed number of employees to perform such work internally, they approached Pexly for assistance.



After learning about the client’s challenges, we offered the following solution: 

  • Hire 2 FT Marketing specialists
  • Both with fluent English
  • Both with experience in digital marketing








This way all of the tasks can be proportionally distributed among the team members. One person was responsible for keeping track of mentions online. If they spotted some negative feedback, they would need to engage with the poster and offer a positive description. Another person was responsible for managing social media activity and making posts on platforms such as (Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Telegram (channel), Reddit, Linkedin (Optional: Slack, Steemit), BitCoinTalk).



  • Reduced online negative feedback by up to 70%
  • Created positive content/feedback around the web
  • 100% of the negative feedback received a response
  • The amount of social networks subscribers increased 3X


Thanks to our collective efforts, we helped the client significantly improve the reputation of their clients’ ICOs. The results speak for themselves. We managed to double the number of investments within three months. 

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