Improving the Efficiency of an IT Recruiting Company

Client Profile:

Industry: IT Recruiting
Location: Sweden
Size: 11-50

Company Bio

The client sources IT candidates for their customers and helps its customers find top-quality IT talent to fill particular positions. One of their biggest business advantages is the level of automation they managed to achieve in all facets of the recruiting process. This way they can devote more time to speaking with candidates and determining if they would be good for their customers.


The client helps their customers find the needed IT talent, thus shouldering the heavy lifting of the recruiting process. 

Business Challenge 

As mentioned earlier, the client has achieved a significant level of automation in their recruiting processes, but they’re still remains a lot of work that only humans can do. One of such tasks is looking through all of the candidates that have been shortlisted by the automated system and contacting them to make sure that they possess the necessary hard and soft skills. Since the client did not have a dedicated in-house employee to perform such tasks, their level of efficiency decreased. The client approached Pexly to help them find a candidate who can perform this job and improve the overall business workflow.









Solutions Provided by Pexly

Pexly obtained the requirement an ideal candidate would need to have for this position and successfully sourced and recruited the right person for this job. The client was very impressed by the performance of their new teammate and the results provided by Pexly and decided to expand their team to 3 people. In the future, the client hopes to fill additional recruiting vacancies with the help of Pexly, thus further increasing the number of team members to at least four and beyond. 


  • The team grew from just one agent to 3 in just a few months
  • Further plans of expansion to 4+ agents

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