Quality Customer Support Can Generate More Revenue Than Upselling


Existing customers are not valued because of the revenue they currently bring in but also for any purchases they make in the future. The value of a customer over the course of their lifetime can help you grow your business. In fact, 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience. Therefore, instead of trying to convince your customers to make new purchases, a better way to get more value out of your customers would be to provide them with quality customer support. Today we will tell you how you can use your stellar customer support to generate revenue.



Don’t Let Poor Experiences Get Out of Hand

When customers have bad support experiences, they tend to go on social media and other channels to tell others about what happened. It is very important that you address all of these complaints and prevent such companies from becoming detractors. Why is this so important? Statistics show that an NPS Promoter score has a customer lifetime value that’s 600%-1,400% higher than a Detractor. This is done by answering any bad reviews online with something like “We are sorry we could not resolve your problem, please contact us at the following phone number or email address.”

The purpose of this is to show both current and future customers that your company treats every client as an individual and you are capable of placing yourself in the customer’s shoes. If the company’s customer service is excellent, 78% of consumers will do business with them again after a mistake.



Curate the Purchasing Process

When your customer contacts your support agents, they may be unsure about making a purchase and are looking for information to confirm their decision. It is very important that during such interactions you provide the customer with exactly what they are looking for. This would require first and foremost for your agents to develop a relationship of trust with your customers which will allow them to challenge certain assumptions customers may have. For example, customers may believe that a certain product is of poor quality because it’s made of a certain material. Your agents can help assure the customer everything sold in your online store is of the highest quality and try to overcome their objections.

The goal is to ask open questions and listen actively to the responses since they provide a lot of clues into what the customer is thinking and where they are in the buying journey. As you are speaking with the customer, do your best to paint a clear picture of the solution and how it will resolve particular pain points the customer is experiencing.



Provide More Personalization

Whether it’s a friendly word from a call center specialist, a manager, a store clerk, or a name on a glass of coffee at Starbucks, people like to stand out from the crowd. Not just one of, but for example, Mikhail, a successful lawyer, a lover of cycling and Apple products. Regardless of the specifics of the business, the size of the company and the level of customer VIP, B2B or B2C service techniques are the same, but small businesses have an advantage. The smaller the number of customers, the easier it is to win their loyalty.

Therefore, be sure to add a human touch when speaking to customers. Communication on ready-made scripts is a good thing, especially for inexperienced employees, but following only and exclusively scripts is a bad tradition. The caller may have the feeling that they are not being listened to, especially when a standard memorized phrase is heard in response to a voiced problem. Add humanity to the dialogues, it can be a simple pertinent question on an abstract topic while the specialist deals with the problem or searches for the necessary information. Yes, in the end, just a conversation “in your own words”, and not in templates, is perceived much more positively and the client freaks out less.



Trust Pexly to With All of Your Customer Support Needs

If you are looking to expand your current in-house team or set up an entire support team overseas, consider hiring Pexly to take this work off your shoulders. We have more than eight years of experience handling customer support cases of all types and can help find a perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you.

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