This Interesting Customer Support Model Can Help Optimize Your Budget

​Companies across industries are trying to do everything they can to make their money go further. This includes finding some creative solutions to stretch every dollar spent and get more value out of everyday processes. When it comes to customer support, there is also an interesting model that many customers have taken advantage of, called shared customer support agents. Today we will tell you all about this support model and explain how it can help your money go further.



What is a Shared Customer Support Agent?

While many companies choose to have a dedicated team of support agents, a shared model is when a single agent handles customer inquiries for two companies or more. Now, right away, you are probably wondering how this could work? Well, basically, you and the agent would agree on the number of calls or inquiries they would be responsible for handling every day and the hours they would be on duty. You would also work out the compensation for handling more customer tickets in the event of a sudden surge in inquiries.



Is The Shared Support Model Right for Me?

As you analyze the data in your CRM or ticketing system, look for any particular dates and times when the inquiries are coming in. Next, look at the types of these requests. If people are calling in with some simple issues like basic assistance using a product, then that’s certainly something that a support agent can do. Now, if these inquiries are more advanced, then you may want to think about a dedicated agent because a shared agent will not be able to delve deep down into your product or service because they are working on other projects as well. There’s simply not enough time in the day for them to learn the ins and outs of every product or service.

Therefore, while a shared support model would bring you some cost savings, there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of.



What are the Benefits of the Shared Support Model?

Hiring a shared support agent would be very beneficial for startups and small businesses that just don’t have the call volumes to justify a full-time agent. This allows them to receive the best of both worlds: all of the calls and inquiries are answered, but you are not the full cost of a dedicated support agent. It is worth pointing out that this model would be a perfect fit for businesses that, for example, have too much work for just one agent but not enough for two. In such a situation, the full-time agent would simply transfer the tickets they cannot handle to the shared support agent. Think of it as having insurance for your in-house agent or team of agents in case they cannot handle all of the requests coming in.

As you can see from the situation described above, there are times when you will not have to choose between the models since one can complement the other. For example, let’s say you don’t get all that many inquiries during the night hours, but, nevertheless, they need to be answered. Your in-house agents can handle the tickets that are coming during the day, while the shared agent can take care of the ones coming in at night.



Trust Pexly With All of Your Customer Support Needs

If you would like to hire a shared support agent or receive a consultation on which support model is right for you, consider contacting Pexly today. Regardless of whether you are looking to hire shared customer support agents or set up a dedicated offshore support team, Pexly can help you assemble a team that will meet your business needs. We operate worldwide, with more than 400 employees speaking 20+ languages to cover all required language skills. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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