Outsource These Tasks When First Starting Out


Starting a new business is exciting, but a lot of times, it seems like there are a lot of things to do and not enough people to do them. Because of this, your employees need to take on more responsibilities which usually takes away from their ability to perform their core business functions. Fortunately, there is a great solution: outsourcing your back office tasks to free up your in-house teams. To help your business get a competitive edge, we will tell you about some of the things you should outsource when first starting your business venture.



Any Kind of Support Tasks

While you may have a great product or service, you still need a reliable support team to provide assistance to your customers. This may include things like answering basic questions, processing returns and refunds, providing additional information about a product or service, and many other things. Such tasks can easily be outsourced to a service provider who will be able to not only source and recruit the needed candidates but also provides them with the needed training for them to do their jobs effectively.

In addition to outsourcing customer support, we also recommend that you outsource your tech support functions as well. There are different levels of tech support that you can outsource, and your service provider will be able to find the right candidates to fill these positions. The most popular outsourcing destinations in Europe have a very advanced IT ecosystem, so it will be possible to find candidates with the experience and skills that you need. In fact, as time goes on, you will view your offshore teams as an extension of the teams you currently have in-house.



Accounts Payable and Receivable

Accounts payable and receivable teams are usually overwhelmed with work, especially in the beginning stages of the company. After all, you have invoices coming in and out every day, and somebody needs to manage this process. One of the reasons why accounts payable and receivable processes are usually so time-consuming is because of a slow approval process and manual tasks involved. This is why you should outsource such work to a dedicated service provider since you don’t have time to deal with such paper-intensive tasks.

In addition to the cost savings, your offshore team will be able to streamline various processes since they will be able to see the bottlenecks and take the initiative to resolve these challenges. This will allow you to enhance your cash flow and make the overall AP process more efficient, which in turn will lower costs and build stronger relationships both within the company and with vendors. It should be noted that while it is possible to resolve some of the challenges you may be experiencing with various automation tools, ultimately, there is no substitute for knowledgeable employees. In fact, your offshore team can help you optimize the return on the tools you purchased to make your money go even further.



Personal Assistant

C-level executives have a lot on their plate. Whether they are jumping from meeting to meeting, analyzing data, finding new opportunities for growth, and many other day-to-day activities, there are a lot of small tasks that start piling up. For example, a CEO may have a hectic schedule, but they also need somebody to manage their calendars and bring this chaos under control. This is just one of the many tasks you can outsource to your virtual personal assistant.

Now, you may need a virtual assistant who has a specific set of skills. For example, they may need to be able to write a blog article or manage your social media accounts. Finding a candidate like that will be easier through outsourcing because they have access to a large talent pool and will be able to find the right candidate for a fraction of the cost of hiring such a person in your local market.

If you’re interested in improving your customer support skills, it’s always a good to know how to ask feedback from your supervisor. Asking for feedback can help you identify areas for improvement and can help you provide better service to your customers. 

Trust Pexly With All of Your Back Office Needs

Whether you are looking to outsource your customer or tech support, accounts payable or receivable, or any other back-office tasks, Pexly has you covered. We have extensive expertise actualizing back office projects of all sizes and complexities, and we are confident that we will be able to find a solution that fits your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


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